Are magazines inserted in newspapers an endangered species?

Glossy magazines have long been a staple of the newspaper industry. Publishers use them, usually on weekends, or some Fridays for The Australian and The Australian Financial Review, as an incentive for readers and advertisers to invest.

However, last weekend in the UK, a great sunday newspaper backed off and abandoned his brilliant Sunday reading.

The Sunday Telegraph released her Sunday gloss Stella (no relation to News Corp Australia’s Stellar). The brand, however, lives with Stella be incorporated into the large format paper, but on only five pages.

It is not yet a trend that has caught on. The Sunday Telegraph closest British competitor, The Sunday Times, always comes with three Sunday glosses – The Sunday Times magazine, Culture and Style – totaling approximately 180 pages. during this time The Sunday Observer publishers also a glossy – The Observer’s Magazine.

UK Sunday broadsheet replaces inserted magazine with jigsaw snippet

Great Britain Sunday Telegraph turned to puzzles to help compensate for the loss of Stella as autonomous. The UK is gripped by the fascination of quizzes and puzzles. Television is full of game shows and quiz formats and Wordle helps keep a lot of people busy brushing up on their vocabulary.

‘Britain’s biggest headache’ which the newspaper boasts on its front page. “Eight fabulous full-size pages of crosswords, puzzles and more.” The traditional Telegraph Sunday Prize crosswords and quick crosswords are found outside of this new puzzle section and live on the main news pages.

Newspaper update: This is a Puzzle section

What is UK Sunday Telegraph offers in the new 8-page leaflet:

Sudoku (many variations including X, Big X, Jigsaw, Killer), General Knowledge Crossword, Polywords, Evens, Codewords (three of them – solutions next week or find out now for £1 per minute on the phone), Letter Logic, Chess, Bridge, Battleships, Crossgram, Brain Training (20 separate puzzles filling one large page), Puzzles for Kids page, Griddler, two new prize puzzles – General Knowledge and Sunday Toughie, 50-50 Crossword, Train Tracks , Arrow Word, Codeword Ultra , Double Jigword, The Pub Quiz and more! The solutions alone (some this week and some coming next week) take up half a page of fine print and graphics.
Enough to keep even avid puzzlers busy at least for a few days. The section is however highly valued in the printed product. The UK Telegraph is not a great experience for digital subscribers.

Australian newspaper publishers continue to offer inserted magazines. News Corp occasionally updates its programming. The last major revision saw Stellar merge with BiNGE in a book while Body+Soul is a standalone title.

Friday monthlies are arguably the best value – the australian underrated monthly To wish and Nine’s The AFR magazine – perhaps because their publishers have a bit more time each cycle to polish their products. Not that there’s anything shabby about the work teams build The Weekend Australian Magazine, Stellar, Body+Soul, Sunday Life and Have a nice week end deliver weekly.

These inserted magazines offer advertisers substantial audiences according to recent readership figures. ThinkNewsBrands is now releasing the latest readership data and is expected to release the latest 2021 numbers in February.

Nine lists print readership only for its magazines alongside its rate cards – Have a nice week end 808,000, Sunday life 510,000 and The Australian magazine Financial Review 452,000.
(Source: Roy Morgan, September 2021)

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