Apartment saving deal is already there!

It would be unreasonable not to use state support through Home Savings for the LTPs you have heard and paid for by many! This is state aid that can be used for any housing purpose.

Pay a little more than opening an account


Which Home Savings Fund contract you sign up with does not matter in terms of the amount of support, but in other respects you can save on one, while on the other, you have to pay a little more than opening an account.

  • there is a free account opening which will cost you more than 10,000 HUF if you find the right cashier.

Good Finance would like to provide readers with a guide to informing you of current home savings deals:


Everyone has a housing purpose, we buy, we build, we rent. Those who have already found a home are also well-advised to maintain, periodically renovate, insulate, paint, and keep in mind modernization.

Many would get rid of a mortgage loan faster than prescribed.

Significant help can be given to these goals with the potential of home savings. Even the state rewards this form of savings with a non-refundable grant!

Many people know it, but it is worthwhile to repeat:

  • after our monthly savings of $ 20,000- $ 40,000 or more, we grant a 30% government subsidy of up to $ 72,000 a year. In exchange for the subsidy, however, it is a requirement that we only use our savings for home purposes!
  • According to the latest reviews, it is worthwhile to start investing in LTP savings of 4 or even 10 years, as there is not much better return on deposits than the guaranteed $ 72 / year guaranteed after 4 years.
  • Even low-risk investments cannot outperform them with very low returns!

When opening an account, new clients must also pay attention to the promotions, fortunately the announcement of the promotions is quite frequent, which means several 10 thousand HUF per piece.

What promotions are there?

What promotions are there?

Account Opening Fee

This is a variable item for your new contract, always available and can be up to $ 76,000, unless you have a special offer, the home savings cashier will ask for less or simply drop this item.

What is striking is that there is no significant difference between funds in terms of savings.


For those who are only interested in the savings opportunity, only the opening discounts are important for how much promotional access they can get to the contract.

Home loan is a big financial decision in everyone’s life! All information on new family home improvement discounts and qualified home loans is available in one place upon request. Here’s an overview of the currently available LTP options. We answer individual cases, explore the most important practical issues, and help adjust to the new GFIC. We will also help you to make Home Savings Cash!

Call our credit broker, fill out the form and we will call you back!

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