Amazon 2021 Event Live Blog: All Alexa, Echo, and Ring Announcements As You Go



Wow, looks like Amazon filmed this part of the keynote at Disneyland in California. Boy, would we like to be there.

A new collaboration centers around a version of Alexa called “Hey Disney”. In Disney parks and resorts, Alexa-powered AI connects guests with their favorite Disney characters. It brings the Alexa experience to Disney fans, enhancing the guest experience with park information, hotel services and more.

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You can also purchase Hey Disney separately. While the partnership is clearly designed to enhance the resort and park experiences, users will have the chance to bring some magic to the Echo speakers at home. Will you complete the experience with a Mickey-themed Echo Show booth?

The stand inspired by Mickey in Echo Show 5 presented at an Amazon event

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Now for the Amazon Kids Plus ads. Amazon Kids Plus members will get more content, including the Do Re Me show, a Super Spy Me mobile game, a Lego Monkie Kid show, and a Treehouse series by Blippi inspiring kids to immerse themselves in the world that surrounds them. surrounded.

These shows and games will be available on Echo Show and Fire Tablet devices.

Check out the Amazon Echo Show 15, the company’s largest smart display to date. It will arrive later this year for $ 249.99.

Billed as a kitchen TV, the Echo Show 15 looks more like a smart photo frame or maybe a Samsung Family Hub, minus the refrigerator. It can be mounted on the wall so that you and your family can easily view all kinds of information and content.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 features an all-new user interface with Alexa widgets so you can customize the display to suit your family’s planning, catering, and communication needs. The sticky note widget is particularly cool.

Amazon Echo Show 15, debuted at Amazon event

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Another widget shows you the controls for all the Alexa-enabled devices you use most often. You can also see the Ring Camera views live, so you can check who’s at the door while you’re cooking or listening to music.

The screen also offers 1080p streaming for watching news or shows on Amazon Prime Video. Sling TV will be available on Echo Show devices soon.

Finally, the new screen’s next-generation AZ2 processor enables faster and smarter processing on the device. The AZ2 processor also supports visual identification, so the Echo Show 15 can get to know you using the camera. Then the screen can display personalized content according to your schedule or preferred content.

Amazon just announced the Amazon Smart Thermostat in partnership with Honeywell Home for $ 59.99. Fairly competitive price, if you ask us. Of course, the thermostat is compatible with Alexa, so you can set routines for your temperature needs throughout the day. It should also work with most existing HVAC systems.

Amazon Smart Thermostat, unveiled at Amazon 2021 event

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It’s time to talk about privacy. According to Amazon, privacy is an opportunity for invention. Customers in the US with the Echo Show 10 or the latest Amazon Echo (4th gen) can have all orders processed on the device without anything being sent to the cloud.

Let’s talk about ambient intelligence. Ambient intelligence is when artificial intelligence (AI) adapts to your surroundings, helping you when you need it and taking the background when you don’t. So, not only does Amazon’s AI learn to become smarter, but it also learns to evolve according to your life and needs. Scary or brilliant?

The Amazon event is happening now! It opened with a nice montage of moments captured by Alexa and Ring cameras. It shows how integrated these smart home devices are into our lives.

Hold on! A few minutes before the start of the Amazon event, a few press images seemed to have infiltrated the waiting room. We only get a sneak peek, but it looks like the company is announcing a new Amazon Halo product, some sort of thermostat, and a Disney-branded Amazon Echo.

While we wait, let’s review the history of Amazon events. This is the second year in a row that the company’s fall product event has gone virtual. Unlike Samsung, Google, Apple, and many other big players, Amazon doesn’t open its keynotes to the public. That said, Amazon will share news of the event on its own live blog. While it’s not as cool as ours, it’s a good source to learn more about the services and devices being announced today.

Before public safety measures resulted in a switch to virtual events, Amazon regularly hosted a fall event in person. It was held in the beautiful Amazon Spheres in Seattle, where, after a presentation, members of the press can familiarize themselves with the new material.

We are about 20 minutes from the start time. Amazon has opened a virtual waiting room for the live broadcast, with a countdown timer and a few tunes. Tom’s Guide is currently playing Khalid’s “Better” – and we couldn’t help but wonder if there is anything better than techtember?

Live blog of the Amazon event, the countdown is on!

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Are you excited about today’s Amazon event? We don’t know much about what’s to come during the keynote, but we’re ready for some fun surprises. Tom’s Guide lead editor (and the voice of this live blog) Kate Kozuch took to Twitter yesterday to share some announcement predictions, given the air of mystery hanging over the event.

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She is optimistic about an Echo soundbar, as reported by Bloomberg. Its other two guesses include a portable Echo that can roam your house and a pair of premium on-ear headphones. Amazon already makes the Amazon Echo Buds and Amazon Echo Buds 2 – could the company expand its line of headphones?

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