Act fast! Razer’s best gaming headset goes on sale for Black Friday deals

If you’re looking for Black Friday deals, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for a good gaming headset like the Razer Blackshark V2. This gorgeous gaming accessory is our favorite Razer headset, combining a comfortable fit with excellent sound quality and striking design.

Black Friday gaming deals can be hit and miss, but the Razer Blackshark V2 sale on Amazon right now is the real deal. You can choose from the no-frills Razer Blackshark V2 X, the beautifully balanced Razer Blackshark V2, or the premium wireless Razer Blackshark V2 Pro. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get great sound quality for PC, console, and mobile, and you’ll save enough money to buy a low-budget game to go with it.

While there are plenty of great gaming headsets on sale during Black Friday, one thing that elevates the Blackshark V2 above the rest of the pack is its exceptional sound quality. Many gaming headsets – even some of the models on our list of the best gaming headsets – look fantastic for video games, but fall flat when it comes to movies, music, and TV shows. The Blackshark V2 handles any type of media with aplomb, delivering a rich and nuanced soundscape whether you go quiet or crank up the volume.

The Blackshark V2 also represents a significant change from previous Razer’s headsets, such as the Kraken or the Thresher. While older Razer’s headsets relied on oversized ear cups and huge bezels, the Blackshark V2 is sleek and stylish, bursting with sound quality in a relatively small frame.

As for how to choose among the three headsets: Console gamers will do well with the Blackshark V2 X, which connects via a 3.5mm audio jack. PC gamers should go for the Blackshark V2, which connects primarily via USB. The Wireless Blackshark V2 Pro works well with PC or PlayStation consoles, but costs a bit more than the other two. In my opinion, it’s worth it, but you’ll have to figure out how much you feel like spending on a gaming headset. Our Black Friday gaming peripherals guide can help you decide.

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