8 best kitchen carts and rolling islands in 2021, according to experts


Cramped kitchens with limited cabinets, drawers, and countertops are usually ideal when you live in a small space, but functional storage solutions like kitchen carts and rolling islands can help you expand your kitchen and tidy up. your kitchen essentials without the clutter. Not only do they provide additional shelves and cabinets for storage, but they can also add counter space if you need an additional cooking station. They’re also a non-permanent storage solution, which means they can be functional for tenants or people who aren’t quite ready for a kitchen remodel.

Finding the right size and style of cart for your kitchen usually depends on the space you need to work with and the amount of items you plan to store. To help you choose the best kitchen cart for you, we consulted with planning experts on what to look for when buying a cart and their specific recommendations for buyers.

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What to consider when buying a kitchen cart

When choosing your kitchen cart, it’s important to consider your needs in the kitchen, according to Rachel Rosenthal, organizational expert and owner of Rachel and Company. For example, you may be less selective on the storage aspect if you are just looking to increase counter space – in which case you will want to “consider buying a cart with one shelf instead of multiple drawers and cabinets.” Caroline noted. Solomon, a professional organizer based in New York.

Kitchen carts are available in a variety of styles and colors that can suit your particular aesthetic. They can be “endlessly versatile” and serve anything from a bar cart to a buffet, according to Solomon. However, when purchasing a kitchen cart, there are a few things to consider when it comes to size, storage capacity, and portability.

Size and space

A kitchen cart should be proportional to your kitchen to avoid taking up too much space. “You don’t want to clutter up your kitchen by adding a cumbersome room if you’re already strapped for space,” Rosenthal said. For a smaller enclosed kitchen, Salomon recommended a slim kitchen cart with falling leaf pieces for easy storage.


Most kitchen carts have wheels, which means they’re portable if you need to free up space or move them around when not in use. This is a feature that you generally won’t get with a stationary kitchen island.

Storage room

The type of storage you need in your kitchen cart depends on what you plan to store. “Consider a cart with cabinets rather than open shelves if you are looking to store food, [or] look for options with additional storage items like hooks to hang items like a tea towel or spoons or even a paper towel rack, ”Rosenthal suggested. If you’re running out of drawer space for cookware and silverware, “consider one with multiple drawers,” Solomon added.

Kitchen carts: limits

While kitchen carts can be extremely practical, there are a few limitations you should consider before purchasing one. Rosenthal noted that if you don’t have adequate floor space for a cart in your kitchen, then “optimizing vertical storage might be a better solution”. Open shelving in a kitchen cart can also be both a plus and a minus, as they can be “difficult to organize and can ultimately add visual clutter to your kitchen,” according to Rosenthal.

While a kitchen cart provides additional storage space, you also need to be selective about how much you keep in it to avoid making a small kitchen even cramped. “It’s important not to overload it with tools and gadgets – it might be tempting to fill every nook and cranny of your cart with stuff, but that will only make a small space seem smaller and even more crowded,” he said. noted Solomon. “Keep only the items here that you use regularly, and even then keep those items to a minimum. “

The best kitchen carts and islands in 2021

Glenville White Kitchen Cart with 2 Drawers

This stylish kitchen cart features two drawers and two door-covered shelves, making it easy to keep kitchen appliances and cooking utensils out of sight. The top of the butcher’s block – made of solid wood – can be useful for an additional chopping station, while the two hooks on the side give you easy access to spoons, spatulas and other kitchen utensils while you cook. The caster wheels also lock when not in use, making them a great stationary and portable option. You can get this cart in white or black.

Westport Kitchen Cart

Solomon considers this kitchen cart “chic but functional” since its elegant marble top can be used both for basic food preparation and for entertaining. The cart features two open slatted shelves to store your plates and pots, two drawers and two black painted metal handles on each side to hold tea towels. “Plus, unlike many kitchen carts with open industrial shelves, its open ash and oak shelves provide a nice change of pace,” Solomon added.

John Boos trolley Cucina Culinarte

“It’s no secret that John Boos makes the best cutting boards, and this kitchen cart is the perfect combination of craftsmanship and functionality,” said Solomon. While this is an expensive choice, she said it is ideal for the seasoned chef or baker “who might need extra space for all their pots, pans and mixing bowls.” It features a stainless steel frame for durability, a towel rack to keep tea towels accessible, and two sturdy shelves for storing food and other kitchen items. For the top, you can choose from the brand’s removable 1½ inch thick maple and walnut butcher block cutting boards.

Stenstorp kitchen cart

This IKEA option, which is roughly 16 inches wide and 35 inches high, “fits even the smallest of kitchens,” according to Solomon. It comes with two solid oak shelves that can be adjusted using the built-in grooves, allowing you to store taller and taller items hassle-free. The worktop also comes with a flap that can be folded down when not in use to create more space, as well as a small drawer for storing silverware and other small essentials.

Belmont Black Kitchen Island

Another closed option, the Belmont kitchen island “retains everything contained in drawers and cabinets so there is no additional visual clutter in the kitchen,” Rosenthal noted. It includes a sliding door cabinet – a handy feature if your space can’t accommodate outward-opening cabinet doors – and an adjustable shelf to help organize large appliances. The four tapered legs make it a stationary kitchen island, but you can purchase separate casters to move it around easily. You can buy this island in black, white or mint.

Windham kitchen island with wood top

If you want all of the standard features of a kitchen cart, including open shelving, closed cabinet, drawers, and wood countertop, this option from Threshold has it all. It also sports side hooks and a towel bar for additional storage. However, due to the glass door and open shelves, Rosenthal cautioned that things should be put away thoughtfully to avoid clutter. This kitchen cart is available in white and gray and has wheels on one side for moving it around.

Best Choice Products 3 Tier Rolling Utility Cart

If you’re looking for a more affordable cart that can be functional in a small kitchen, Rosenthal recommended this rustic-style version that can easily hold food while cooking or entertaining. The two mesh shelves have a weight capacity of 9 pounds each, allowing them to store plates, serving bowls, and tea towels (but not heavier appliances like some instant pots or air fryers).

Vadholma kitchen island

This freestanding kitchen island from IKEA, which does not include wheels, gives you additional storage space and a cooking station as well as a dining table or workspace. Depending on the brand, you can fit bar stools about 24 inches high in the opening. The other side has two large shelves, while the top is a solid oak butcher block. For additional storage, you can also purchase a separate hanging rack for the island that equips ten hooks for hanging utensils and a shelf for storing pots and pans.

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