13 Vogue Editors on the Best Buys They Made in 2021

Naomi Smart, Commercial Director

“Those who follow me on Instagram know that my most euphoric shopping moment of 2021 was finding the perfect wide leg Uniqlo U pants on a random trip late at night before LFW. The fit, fabric, color and style were so good that I bought three pairs on the spot: beige, chocolate brown and a very dark navy blue. After sharing on my feed in September, I have always get DMs about them. (Sorry folks, they sold out in a few days – Uniqlo, please bring them back.) I bought these Cos pants in order to have a similar pair in black, and so far they do a good job.

Cos High Waisted Pleated Pants

Humaa Hussain, business writer

“While it might seem like a shameless take, this Vogue sweater was one of my favorite purchases of 2021. It’s the perfect thing to throw on for running errands or just lounging around the house. And speaking of basics Cozy: Uggs have really made a comeback in my (and everyone else’s) wardrobe this year, and the brown mini version complements my neutral aesthetic perfectly.

Vogue sweatshirt with logo patch

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UGG Classic Mini II Short Boots

Hannah Coates, Acting Beauty and Wellness Editor

“I made up for a rather lackluster year with a purchase that still makes me beam with joy every time I wear it. Kara’s sleek leather shoulder bag is one thing, but her heavy rhinestone shoulder strap is another. , and it can fit all my necessities – phone, purse, keys – inside. I’m (still) really obsessed.

Crystal Cobra Kara leather camera bag

Rachel Garrahan, Jewelry and Watchmaking Director

“Confession: My name is Rachel Garrahan and I’m an art addict. Thanks to the fabulous #artistsupportpledge initiative founded by artist Matthew Burrows to support other artists during the first coronavirus lockdown, I became obsessed with buying paintings. The premise is simple: Artists post their work on Instagram with a sale price of £200 or less, and once they’ve sold five pieces, they commit to buying one from another artist. I’ve filled my walls with everything from the bright flowers of Louise Tappin to the surreal humor of John McKie. I think my favorite art purchase, however, has to be a non-ASP work by Marie Lenclos, a Paris-born, London-based artist. I fell in love with his precise and vivid work in 2020 and finally made one of his beautiful tree paintings my own.

Image may contain: flower, plant, art, flower and painting

Hayley Maitland, Planning and Weekend Writer

“It’s hard to even remember the summer of 2021 now – was there really a time when I stocked up on Raey briefs and Nomadic State of Mind sandals? (Both excellent, by the way by the way.) For the past few months I’ve lived in Levi’s “Ribcage” jeans, which manage to be both flattering and comfortable enough to keep me from falling back into Pangaia sweats; with nothing below the shirts; and a pair of gold Daphine hoops (the £75 price tag means I can wear them anywhere without too much fear of losing them).

However, most of my disposable income over the past 12 months has been spent on items for my home: I became one with a spirit level by installing String Furniture shelving that can (almost) hold my library of books giant kitchen cabinet, and bought more trinkets. I’d like to admit from Laura Jackson’s newly launched Glassette. As for cheap thrills? I’m a fan of bringing home prints from London exhibitions I love, and few exhibitions have impressed me more in 2021 than the Dulwich Gallery exhibition of Helen Frankenthaler’s delightfully colored woodcuts; my posters of “Snow Pines”, “Freefall”, and “Madame Butterfly”, with their electric blues and malachite greens, have cheered me up all winter long.”

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Raey spaghetti-strap silk crepe de chine slip dress

Image may contain: clothes, clothes, pants, denim and jeans

Levi’s Ribcage straight ankle jeans

Laura Ingham, Fashion Market Director

“This Margiela trench coat from the Icons collection is a classic, with touches of Margiela magic. I love the plaid details on the cuffs and collar, the “work in progress” seams and the oversized fit. It’s also fully lined, making it both warm and waterproof.

Image may contain: clothing, overcoat, coat and trench coat

Maison Margiela oversized trench coat

Eniola Dare, Associate Fashion Editor

“2021 is the year I fell in love with IDEA Books, which sells some of the best volumes of rare fashion and art – some of them you can’t find anywhere else at all! One of my favorite buys was Jeans by Alastair McKimm, which is filled with longtime imagery vogue collaborators such as Craig McDean, Mert & Marcus and David Sims. And when it comes to shopping for clothes: I love my new Tory Burch coat, which really goes with everything.

Tory Burch Double Faced Wool Hooded Wrap Coat

Jessica Gerardi, shopping editor

“If, like me, you like a good glass of sweet red wine, then this carafe is an absolute must. It sits directly on the glass and is very easy to clean, but above all it makes the wine more pleasant to drink. By far my favorite purchase of 2021. Glasses of Côtes du Rhône all round!

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Final Touch Conundrum Glass Wine Aerator

Rosie Vogel, Fashion Reservations Manager

“My top buys this year have been for personal care rather than clothing. The Theragun Mini is the best thing I’ve gotten in my stocking stuffer this year. I use it every day – perfect for relief shoulder tension after a day on Zoom. It’s not a substitute for a full body massage, but until I can afford an in-home masseuse, I’ll be fine! I’ve also been a long-time fan of The Light Salon, and I’m completely obsessed with their LED Boost Mask. I use it religiously a few times a week before bed. It leaves my skin looking plump and glowing, while leaving me feeling relaxed.

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4th Generation Theragun Mini Therapeutic Percussion Massager

Image may contain: Electronics

The LED Light Salon BOOST mask

Amel Mukhtar, star assistant

“Probably not my smartest purchase (I bought them in the winter, we hardly get any sun like we do in the UK, and I can’t count the number of sunglasses sun I’ve lost in my life), but with bags and shoes, it never has It’s a bad idea to invest in accessories that you can get a lot of use out of without thinking too much. I was waiting for a trendy pair to call me, and as soon as I saw these chic Balenciaga frames with a gold logo on the side, I knew I had found this one.

Balenciaga Dynasty rectangular sunglasses

Donna Wallace, fashion and accessories editor

“My favorite purchase of 2021 was a set of large square pillows, like these clouds from Soho Home. These made bedtime even cozier, which is not just an everyday treat, but I think that could also count as self-care.

Soho Home House Goose Down Square Pillow

Alyson Lowe, Audience Growth Manager

“For me, 2021 will always be the year I turn 30. Although I’ve never really looked old for my age, I was keen to bring back the ax sculpted cheekbones of my early 20s and I ordered the NuFace Trinity on impulse in the depths of winter confinement. Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a skeptic (if anything, I suffer from blind faith in skincare and devices). beauty), I didn’t expect it to work so well. After slathering my face with base gel and starting to lift my jawline, nasolabial folds and eyebrows, I can visibly see a difference between the two sides of my face.Before a big event, meeting or date, it makes all the difference – the lifting effect is evident and the extra blood flow around my face gives me that holy grail pink glow. after a year, I feel that my cheekbones are higher and that my jaw is less swollen. The best part? I haven’t been around Botox in over six months – and I don’t want to either.

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NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device


look fantastic

Julia Hobbs, Fashion Projects Editor

“Hard to choose between this and the 3m iPhone charger cable that also changed my life in 2021, but… in the spring of 2021, I became obsessed with the cool appeal of super smooth and This product is now my go-to I can’t leave home without it and the foundation of my entire beauty routine.

Belkin Braided Lightning Cable

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

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