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Reality TV has come a long way since MTV dropped a group of young people in their twenties into an artistic loft, dragged cameras over them, and left them to fend for a few months in 1992. Now our choices reality shows are seemingly endless – from ruthless cooking contests to fabulous fantasies of multitalented dragsters; from rich and ruthless housewives to craft competitions.

If all of this sounds like fun, you are in great company! Hulu is spoiled for choice when it comes to reality TV. We’ve sifted through the digital slag to find you the best one.

1. Bachelor Nation

Is he here for the right reasons?
Credit: ABC

The single person started in 2002 with a simple premise: take a dude (Alex Michel) and a host of single women competing for his attentions – as evidenced by the red roses handed out at the end of almost every episode – with the aforementioned dude eliminating women. until he had the one he wanted to marry. Along the way, the ladies took part in exhilarating adventures, group dates, and sometimes embarrassing activities, all in the name of love (and social media infamy). The original show was derived in The bachelorette and Baccalaureate in paradise, among others, as well as an entire media ecosystem devoted to examining who is here for the right reasons. There is a lot of backstage drama, too much.

How to watch: The single person, The bachelorette, and Baccalaureate in paradise are all available to stream on Hulu.

2. Catfish

Back in 2010, the sundance documentary Catfish took viewers by storm as they watched a romantic suitor named Nev Schulman fall in love with a young woman he meets on Facebook only to fall apart when he finds out the truth about his virtual girlfriend. Even now, the movie is a stunner that leaves audiences wondering who was fishing who. Schulman took her newfound notoriety and put it to work under the auspices of helping others deceived by Internet lovers in this mesmerizing TV show. Watch for shocking truths about the people we think we know best, online or offline.

How to watch: Catfish is available to stream on Hulu.

3. Forged in fire

This delightfully Baroque series of competitions pits amateur blacksmiths with often extraordinary facial hair and tattoos as they forge a variety of knives, swords and other cutting tools, depending on the various stipulations of every challenge. Not only is it an extremely dangerous hobby that requires a lot of equipment and supplies, it also requires a ton of historical knowledge, artistry, and general wit. The most satisfying part of the show is when the judges test the tools against a variety of objects (including animal carcasses, which are then generally given). When Doug Marcaida says, “It will cut!” it’s better than a handshake from Paul Hollywood.

How to watch: Forged in fire is available to stream on Hulu.

4. Love Island (United Kingdom)

The Island of love The franchise hails from the UK and spawned small amorous archipelagos in Denmark, France, Finland and Australia, among other countries, where bikini-clad singletons mix and mingle in sexy climates in an attempt to match. in a relationship with. contrary to The single person frankness, the emphasis is on ‘pairing’ and on ‘a good craic’ hopefully with someone who is ‘fit’ and tanned with good teeth who is ideally “a little bit of me” rather than rushing to the altar, which creates a more relaxed and a little less frenetic vibe. Plus, whoever the public chooses as the best couple brings home a bushel of ringing and stumbling cash on top of those sweet holiday tans.

How to watch: Love Island (United Kingdom) is available to stream on Hulu.

5. do it

The healthiest parks and recreation meeting

The healthiest parks and recreation meeting
Credit: Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

do it is technically a craft competition show, but hosts Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler make us feel like they’d rather give everyone a big gold star just for participating. That’s part of the charm of this show, which looks like the American equivalent of The Great British Cake in its beginnings with Mel and Sue, when the best creative effort of each participant has been applauded. That’s not to say the applicants aren’t damn talented, however – the creative challenges range from ready-made home interior and exterior design to DIY toys and treats. In addition, the camaraderie between 30 Rock co-stars Nick (who is an accomplished carpenter himself) and Amy are unbeatable.

How to watch: do it is available to stream on Hulu.

6. The masked singer

This very popular singing competition show, based on the popular South Korean show King of the masked singer, features a dizzying array of costumed celebs singing hits as judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke vote for the top performers and try to determine which random celebrity is dressed as, like, a balloon glittery beach or something. (We really can’t stress how surreal this show is.) Once the judges and audience members have voted, the less popular singer must reveal their identity. This continues until the last episode, where the last celebrity standing is featured with The Golden Mask. As judges and members of the public receive clues as to who is behind the mask, backstage security measures make the Oscars low-key.

How to watch: The masked singer is available to stream on Hulu.

7. The real housewives Universe

Well done The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2006. The immense popularity of this reality TV show about the rich and the unemployed in the OC has led to spinoffs in cities across the country – not to mention shows inspired by the Bravo franchise, like the one from Israel. “Me’ousharot.” Hulu has Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York City, Atlanta, Potomac, New Jersey, and Salt lake city, as well as the spin-off Vanderpump Rules. However, The Real Housewives of Dallas the fans are out of luck.

How to watch: see above.

8. RuPaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul and Debbie Reynolds are legends

RuPaul and Debbie Reynolds are legends
Credit: mark boster / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

It’s hard to remember a world before RuPaul brought the drag into the American living room with this effervescent show that mixes creative competitions with behind-the-scenes performances and reveals, in addition to a fabulous stable of judges and of guests. This made RuPaul a media mogul and made his winning drag queens well-known names, as well as inspiring international spin-offs and spin-offs. Drag Race All-Stars. Although there have been a few controversial about Drag race and its creator over the years, not to mention some of its competitors, it is impossible to deny its imprint in the cultural landscape.

How to watch: RuPaul’s Drag Race is available to stream on Hulu.

9. Survivor

To some extent, reality TV is about watching other people do things we don’t prefer, then criticizing their behavior, and Survivor is the best example of this impulse. This extraordinarily popular long-running series drops competitors off in a remote location somewhere in the world where they must team up and scramble to find food, shelter, and other daily necessities, as well as participate in challenges that may require anything from eat insects To hold a buoy for nearly 12 hours. The winner receives a million dollars, eternally bragging rights and countless insect bites and stomach aches. There are 34 seasons of Survivor currently available on Hulu!

How to watch: Survivor is available to stream on Hulu.

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ten. Excellent chef

One of the most popular and oldest cooking competitions, Excellent chef is hosted by Padma Lakshmi (who has her own show on Hulu, Taste the nation); chef and hotel magnate Tom Colicchio; and food writer Gail Simmons, who guides working chefs through increasingly difficult timed challenges. Winner Excellent chef means a bigger and bigger cash prize (depending on what iteration you’re competing on), as well as a major career boost. In addition, there is at least 99.99% less screaming on Excellent chef than on any Gordon Ramsay show – although if that’s your bag, Hulu has Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen nightmares, and Gordon Ramsay’s F word, too much.

How to watch: Excellent chef is available to stream on Hulu.

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